Power & Utilities

Utility businesses are under a lot of strain globally. Utilities must contend with a competitive environment that is fast adapting and reacting, laws that are fast changing, and an increasing danger from climate change as customers seek more value. Despite these demands, our clients work with us to overcome obstacles in order to become stronger, more productive, and more creative while also enhancing their influence on the environment and the communities they serve. The global shift to solar, wind, nuclear, hydrogen, and other sustainable energy sources to lessen the effects of climate change will only increase in the years to come. Greater innovation, an improved social contract with communities, and meeting the requirements of a wide range of stakeholders are all necessary to meet this issue. The market is competitive, and there are significant changes coming. We have unrivalled experience that can help you develop long-lasting solutions.


We have aided clients in numerous projects ranging from customer acquisition and retention, to payments, data optimisation, M&A, migrations, infrastructure, working with Government and defining and setting new strategies.


Where we can help

Collaborate with you to develop a new growth strategies

Enhance customer experiences

Rework your operating models

Boost productivity and reconfigure talent and skills

Enable you to lead the digital revolution by implementing data strategies and implementing new technologies


Examples of our work in this space

Ovo Energy

Driving customer acqusition and market share growth for Ovo Energy and their brands

Enterprise architecture


Product design

Tech strategy

Infrastructure strategy



Website redesign and replatforming to improve SEO, generating quality leads and sales

UX/UI Design

Software engineering


Web deisgn

Our people

Meet some of our RADicals

Luiza Mshetsyan

Product Consultant

Luis Valdez

Senior Software Engineering Consultant

Dmitry Malinovsky

Software Engineering Consultant

Dmitrij Borscs

Senior Product Consultant

Deborah Lago

Product Consultant

Claire Charalampidou

Senior Software Engineering Consultant

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Happy Clients

"I have been working with your CTO for the past couple of years and he’s really made the difference in my teams! I completely trust him. Collaborating with someone already familiar with the business makes my job a lot easier and quicker.\n"

Rosario G
Software Engineering Manager at OVO Energy

"The proposal was different to other companies and the expertise was evident. I really enjoy working with the website front end team to find solutions and create new features. What I enjoyed the most is the ability to work as a team and great communication!\n"

Product Owner at Community Fibre

"Radically Digital were an amazing company to work with. Their consultants were professional, creative and helped guide us through the entire design process. We're actually excited to work with them again in future!"

CEO at TwoTwentyThree

"Radically Digital love a challenge and bring unparalleled level of technical expertise to a project. They’re a real ‘roll up our sleeves and get it done’ kind of company."

Samuel G
Company Director