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Here's how our consultant reduced the time to process motor claims by 35%

Our client was going through a process of internal Agile transformation

When our consultant arrived our client was going through a process of internal Agile transformation. The client's systems for processing claims had been custom built over 20 years ago with a now outdated code stack. As you might expect the knowledge to update and maintain these systems had largely been lost over time.
Our client wanted a solution which would provide them with a faster, scalable and automated claims processing system which could integrate seamlessly into existing databases and APIs, reducing the impact of downtime on customers. Our consultant was brought in as Product Owner and tasked with leading a cross functional team of developers and business analysts, new to Agile ways of working, to deliver the claims transformation project.

Following a thorough vendor selection process a third party Business Process Management (BPM) product was chosen to be implemented which allowed the client to quickly spin up new business process flows for processing claims while being able to integrate seamlessly with existing APIs. The integration and build of the new FNOL (First Notification of Loss) claims journey was delivered 6 months earlier than projected by the client when our consultant first arrived.

The solution allowed our consultant to redefine the entire claims FNOL process and introduce efficiencies by streamlining the user journey removing all but the most valuable questions and automating manual interventions. Automated fraud prevention checks were built into the process which helped reduce instances of fraud. The time to process a claim was slashed by 35% meaning more insurance claims could be processed daily without increasing the number of call handlers.

Through Agile coaching, influencing and leading by example our consultant also transformed what was a very waterfall team into a high performing Agile scrum team releasing new features to users multiple times a week.


Large UK Insurance Company

Services rendered

- Product Ownership
- Software Integration
- User Experience Design
- Vendor Management
- Agile up-skilling

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